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My organization is not listed
The directory only lists companies and organizations that exchange electronic invoices with business partners in structured format and that have granted their service provider permission to publish information in the directory. Invoice issuers who issue invoices to private customers are listed in the directory.

The directory lists organizations that send and/or receive e-bills via e-invoicing service providers. Data is maintained by the relevant service providers. Please contact your service provider if you are not listed.

Contact details can be found in the "About us" section.

The details about my organization are incorrect.
Report any errors to your e-invoicing service provider in order to modify your details. If you work with several service providers, please make sure that you contact the provider showing the incorrect data.

Contact details can be found in the "About us" section.

I am an e-invoicing service provider who wants to list my customers in
If you issue and/or send e-bills that comply with Swiss law to organizations domiciled in Switzerland, please register your interest with the swissDIGIN Forum ( who will contact you and send you the conditions for publishing your customer details in the directory.

My details are not displayed properly.
Please contact the e-invoicing subscriber directory operator at Swisscom Directories. See Contacts

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