Information about business partners on

Search results
When searching for business partners, the entries found are listed alphabetically according to company name. Symbols in the list of results show whether the organization can send and/or receive e-bills.
Click on an individual entry to see detailed information about the organization.
Detailed information
The heading shows the company name, address and phone number.
Under General Information, you can see
-         which network (e-invoicing service provider) the organization belongs to (network name),
-         whether any other electronic processes such as ordering, order confirmation etc. are supported by the relevant network,
-         whether you may contact the organization directly.
If an organization is connected to several networks, a separate search result is shown for each connection.
Section on sending invoices
All the organizations entered in this section of can send e-bills. As this also covers digitally signed PDF invoices, it is specified whether the sender can transfer structured invoice item data in order to allow automatic processing on receipt of the invoice.
The sender’s subscriber number is the identification number allocated by the relevant network.
Section on receiving invoices assumes that invoice recipients are particularly interested in automating the invoice receipt process. These organizations are therefore also listed in the directory. However, organizations may also be prepared to receive e-bills without structured invoice item data. This is therefore shown separately.
To enable rapid roll-out, it is preferable for invoices to be transmitted without prior tests. "Yes" is stated by the names of organizations who accept this.
The recipient’s subscriber number is the identification number allocated by the relevant network.